Data Recovery & Backup

Contact ABCD Computers for all of your data recovery needs! Don’t risk losing your data by attempting to retrieve it yourself.

Data recovery is tricky, time-consuming process that should only be handled by someone with experience. Our data recovery technicians have both the knowledge and tools required to diagnose the cause and determine the proper steps to recover as much data as possible.

Any data we manage to recover can be transferred to a removable storage device, such as an external hard drive or USB thumb drive, or another computer if you bring one in.

Data Backup Services

Hard drive crashes, power surges, improper computer shut downs, software corruption, malware infections, fire or water damage – these are just a handful of the disasters that can lead to permanent file loss if you don’t have a solid data backup solution in place.

ABCD Mobile Computer Repair offers reliable computer data backup services to Windows users that wish to have all of their files backed up to an on-site, off-site, or cloud location of their choice.

All of your precious data, including important documents, photos, music, movies, or any other files, will be automatically backed up so you easily restore them should disaster ever strike.

Don’t have a data backup plan in place? Tell us about your individual needs so we can setup a computer backup plan that’s right for you.

Call 702-253-0091 or contact us online today and let us help with your computer data recovery and backup.