Wireless Network (WiFi) Setup

Is your wireless network (WiFi) properly configured & secured against unwanted activity? Do you have the ability to access your printer or share files?

ABCD Computers offers wireless network (WiFi) services to ensure your home network is setup correctly and working properly.

Why is it important that your home network be configured properly?

A properly configured home WiFi network will allow you to browse the internet, share files and access shared peripherals (like a printer or scanner) and provide the highest level of security.

On the opposing end, a poorly setup network may result in poor internet connectivity, smaller WiFi range, or even expose your devices and data to malware and/or unauthorized access.

In-Home Network Services

We have helped hundreds of Las Vegas residents get their home networks up and running and we would be more than happy to help you do the same. We can:

  • Setup & configure your cable modem or wireless router.
  • Help connect your desktop, laptop, printer, or scanner to your wireless network.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve home networking issues.